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Kernan Hill Rd, Portadown BT63 5YB

Lots of Drones At the Same Time

Watch This----


Sat 13th August

Chris follows John's


Chris Video Untitled

Sun 28thAugust

Chris and John play

"Catch me if you can"


15th September

Jonny's getting the hang

of Drone racing.

VIDEO Site 0408 youtube

Just a quick look round the site on Sun. from my Q303 quad.


April 2020

Stanley presents John with the highly prized 2019 WOT-4 DURATION CHALLENGE CLOCK

Tony's Latest

Our Tony does it again with his latest creation knocked up from a  plan and laser cut wood.

Electric power, another lovely flyer.

Suprise surprise it fits in the wee white car !

The wing tips and motors come off and the fuselage splits in two,


Wot4 23-06

Drone Registration

The new CAA Flyer Registration on line system is now available, the link here will take you to the the CAA Site.

Test Details Card

I have developed a laminated Member's Card

with all the relevent info needed to identify the user as a competent SUA (Drone) flyer.

I have registered the Club as an 'Operator' so  Members can  use the Clubs operator number when flying at Kernan or any other Club Event.

The online test is not difficult and its free

so can I suggest you have a go at it and get a flyer Id. which I can then include on your 2020 membership card.

You'll find the online test here :-

On Line Test OperatorID

When I have your Flyer Id I'll print some labels for you to attach to your models.


We're workingto keep you legal as part of your membership fee.

(No £9-00 Operator fee required.)

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