BMFA Club Membership  No.0341

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Kernan Hill Rd, Portadown BT63 5YB

Details of BMFA Fixed wing ‘BPC’ and B Test

(a) Carry out pre-flight checks as required by the BMFA Safety Codes.

(b) Take off and complete a left (or right) hand circuit and overfly the take-off area.

(c) Fly a ‘figure of eight’ course with the crossover point in front of the pilot, height to be constant.

(d) Fly into wind and complete one inside loop.

(e) Fly downwind and complete one outside loop downwards from the top (i.e. a bunt).

(f) Complete two consecutive rolls into wind.

(g) Complete two consecutive rolls downwind using the opposite direction of roll rotation to that used in (f) above.

(h) Complete a stall turn either left or right.

(i) Gain height and perform a three turn spin, the initial heading and the recovery heading must be into wind and the model must fall into the spin (no ‘flick’ spin entry).

(j) Fly a rectangular landing approach and overshoot from below 10 ft. Note that this manoeuvre is an aborted landing, not a low pass.

(k) Fly a rectangular circuit in the opposite direction to that in (j) at a constant height of not more than 40 feet.

(l) Fly a rectangular landing approach and land (wheels to touch within a pre-designated 30 metre boundary).

(m) Complete post-flight checks as required by the BMFA Safety Codes.


In addition to the flying schedule, the candidate must answer correctly 5 mandatory questions on aviation law and a minimum of eight questions on safety matters, based on the BMFA Safety Codes for General Flying and local flying rules.

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