BMFA Club Membership  No.0341

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Kernan Hill Rd, Portadown BT63 5YB

There are no restrictions on the types of models which can be flown at this site.

The onus is on the Pilot to decide when it is possible to fly certain models safely and without disturbance to others.

1. Sharing with other sports and the public puts more importance on safety and noise. Airframes and control systems should be checked before flying and flying aborted if any problems occur. I/C engines should conform to BMFA noise code 82db or better, this is a noise sensitive area so a bit of common sense will avoid complaints.

( We’ve had no complaints or incidents in our years here so let’s try and keep it that way)


Flying at Kernan


In general, access to A.W.P for motor vehicles will be for the sole purpose of transporting equipment and parking should be in car park.

Vehicles should only access the A.W.P when no flying is in progress and pilots will be requested to facilitate this.

Where conditions permit, a small designated area may be established primarily for disabled parking.

Members use this facility at their own risk and the club may not support any claim for damage incurred.

Kernan Hill Rd


BT63 5YB

No Taxying

in pitts area

Site safety

In the interest of safety please use the designated parking areas, Pitts area and either E/W or N/S runway and Flightline